Finding The Perfect LIC Antiglasstower Apartment

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The one thing most people are afraid of when moving to the city or even looking for an apartment in the same area is being pushed into a cookie-cutter cubby. With millions of apartments available in the NYC area, it’s easy to see how real estate agents and building managers could be tempted into treating each unit in a building or … Continue reading “Finding The Perfect LIC Antiglasstower Apartment”

The “Anti-Cookiecutterism” of Long Island City

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  Long Island City offers quite a different vibe compared to Manhattan and other New York City boroughs. It has long been established as an “anti-cookiecutterism” community that goes against the trends. It’s now a hub where artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives of all types have gathered due to the close proximity to Midtown with a lower cost of living, several … Continue reading “The “Anti-Cookiecutterism” of Long Island City”