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Anti-Glass Tower

The one thing most people are afraid of when moving to the city or even looking for an apartment in the same area is being pushed into a cookie-cutter cubby. With millions of apartments available in the NYC area, it’s easy to see how real estate agents and building managers could be tempted into treating each unit in a building or complex like an identical number on a list, but they’re not. The idea that any resident could be happy with any one of a number of interchangeable luxury apartments is a mindset known as glass-tower thinking. When building managers start to see their units as indistinct, they also lose sight of their residents. They start thinking of each individual and family as just another city dweller with a price range, and that’s not fair to anyone.

Every home has its own personality and as any experience apartment dweller knows, even units that were built identically will change and become unique over time. From your enjoyment of the view to how easy and fun it is to move around the kitchen, every person seeking a new apartment in Long Island City is looking for something special, the apartment that seems to be a natural extension of their personality and lifestyle, not just some cookie-cutter cubby with default amenities.

The Antiglasstower Approach


Anti Glass Tower

If you’re looking for an LIC apartment, you deserve more than a default selection of identical units and here at ARC, we’re dedicated to making sure each and every client we work with finds the perfect residence for their needs and lifestyle. We don’t see each of our apartments as interchangeable or identical, even if the floor plans and amenities are the same. Interested potential residents who come to us for Long Island City apartment opportunities don’t get shown one unit at random to choose from half a dozen, we like to start with what the resident is looking for. The right view, the right number of bedrooms, and the right ‘feel’ is incredibly important to most people and our goal is to connect every resident with an apartment that has the right look and feel to become a new home-base for their already awesome lifestyle. This is what we like to call our Antiglasstower approach because no two luxury apartments are the same, and neither are our residents.

Spotting the Glasstower Mentality


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If you are currently looking for an apartment in Long Island City, you may have noticed a trend in how you are treated by building managers, rental services, and real estate agents. All too often, they take note of your price range and demographic and offer you a string of nearly identical apartments or even simply suggest an entire building of units that ‘might suit your needs’. If you feel like you’re being offered apartments in a way that doesn’t take your real preferences and feelings into account, you’re probably dealing with the glasstower mentality and it’s time to look for someone using the antiglasstower approach. With so many residents and apartments packed tightly into the city, people who deal in property often get glassy-eyed and stop seeing either the apartments or the tenants as individual and unique.

If you want to test the glasstower mentality of apartment hunting services, try a little experiment. Dress down when you meet one service in your old ripped jeans and a band T-shirt and dress up for another service in your best interview outfit. Just see if the first service doesn’t offer you ‘trendy’ lofts while the second service offers you personality-free glass tower apartments. Don’t let stereotyping services choose your next home for you. Look for something special that suits who you really are, not how you dress.

Finding a Unique LIC Apartment with ARC


Anti Glass Tower

Tired of the glasstower mentality? So are we! Here at ARC, we apply our antiglasstower approach to treat every unit and customer with respect for what makes them special. Whether you’re looking for a new home for your family, a two-bedroom unit for you and a friend, or a cozy studio to ride out your independent young adult years, we’ve got you covered. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find exactly the right apartment for not just your needs, but for your personality as well.